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About United Industries Limited

United Industries Limited Kashmir Banaspati United Industries Limited Kashmir Premium Gold Kashmir Canola Oil

Established in 1962, United Industries Limited (UIL) is the proud manufacturer of Pakistan's most renowned and celebrated brand, Kashmir.

Kashmir comprises three eminent Brands under its umbrella, ‘Kashmir Banaspati’, ‘Kashmir Premium Gold (100% pure cooking oil)’ and ‘Kashmir Canola Oil’.

With a distribution network spread across Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, UIL's main focus is to produce supreme quality products with a strong emphasis on Research & Development.

International standards are maintained in all products by using the latest modern techniques of purification and processing through ultra high-tech equipment. As a result, UIL adheres to all evolving worldwide trends in the food industry. This is the reason UIL is recognized as one of the most distinguished manufacturing plants in Pakistan.

The quality control process of UIL is ISO 9001-2008 certified, with all the brands of the company being manufactured under this system in compliance with standard health regulations and quality control requirements.