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Kashmir Canola Oil
Kashmir Canola Oil Kashmir Canola Oil
Kashmir Canola Oil Packaging
Available in: 2.5 Litres Tin
5 Litres Tin
10 Litres Tin
16 Litres Tin
3 Litres Bottle
4.5 Litres Bottle
10 Litres Can
16 Litres Can
1/2 Ltr X 10 Pouch Packs
1 Ltr X 5 Pouch Packs
1 Ltr X 12 Pouch Packs

Kashmir Canola Oil

Har Pal Mein Bassa Pyar

Far away in the lush green fields lives the ever-jolly Canola. Crooning to the serene tunes of swaying winds, they happily create something pure and nutritious all year round. This union of Canola seeds is nurtured by Kashmir resulting in pure and healthy Canola oil, free from artificial ingredients. Kashmir Canola Oil is triple refined along with Omega 3 and Meta boost to provide the perfect blend of nutrients. This special focus on quality ensures lower cholesterol resulting in a healthy and blissful family exhibiting beautiful bonds of friendship, love and trust for generations.