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Kashmir Premium Gold
Kashmir Premium Gold Kashmir Premium Gold
100% Pure Cooking Oil
Kashmir Premium Gold Packing
Available in: 2.5 Litres Tin
5 Litres Tin
10 Litres Tin
16 Litres Tin
3 Litres Bottle
4.5 Litres Bottle
10 Litres Can
16 Litres Can
1/2 Ltr X 10 Pouch Packs
1 Ltr X 5 Pouch Packs
1 Ltr X 12 Pouch Packs

Kashmir Premium Gold

Har Pal Mein Bassa Pyar

The glorious sun kissed grasslands, strewn with blossom-heavy boughs leading to sparkling clear waters, is where the story of ever-lasting companionship between Soya Bean, Sunflower and Canola begins. This beautiful union is embraced by Kashmir, resulting in 100% pure Kashmir Premium Gold Cooking oils. This UHT treated, cholesterol free oil makes you feel light as it contains no artificial ingredients. The brilliance of the all-natural ingredients serves to being out the best taste in your food. Kashmir Premium Gold contains “Meta boost” , a scientifically structured blend of Vitamin A, D & E that forms an essential foundation of a healthy and active lifestyle for you and your family.